Patient Testimonials

"... I have referred my orthopedic patients to Mr. George Stamatopoulos, PT, in Watertown, MA and have been extremely pleased with the therapy given to my patients and by te good feedback I have had from my patients.

I have also seen the results and the progress of the physical therapy when patients were treated by him and then came back to my office with significant improvement."

Dr. C., Arlington, MA

"George is a very dedicated and an extremely competent physical therapist.  Being an Orthopedic Surgeon, I see many patients who were hurt at work or injured in motor vehicle accidents.  I send many patients to him for physical therapy and have nothing but praise and positive feedback from our patients regarding his competency, professionalism and sensitivity.  He is certainly a credit to the profession.

It is because of his treatment and involvement in overall patient care that most patients notice dramatic improvement in their symptomatology and are able to carry out their daily home, work and recreational activities in a more timely manner."

Dr. B., Wakefield, MA

"George Stamatopoulos is a dynamic and effective physical therapist, who provides excellent treatment in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.  I found George's therapy to be very helpful in getting over an extremely painful lower back and leg injury.  I would recommend him highly and without reservation.  He is extremely knowledgeable about how the body reacts to injury and healing, and his expertise ranges across many disciplines.  He is fun to work with, and has great sense of humor."

SS, Watertown, MA

"Dear George, Thank you for being there for me in all those weeks of physical therapy.  If it wasn't for you helping me I don't know what I would do.  You are a very special person to so many people who need your therapy and also conversations which I miss..."

KJ, Watertown, MA

"After weeks of in-patient physical therapy, I had to find an out patient facility for the next phase.  After hearing so many good things about George, I decided to give him a chance and I am glad I did!  With George, you get real-time personal attention.  Being in and out of hospitals for so long, I was beginning to feel like a number and a pile of paper in a file folder.  That all changed with my first session of PT with George. We came up with a battle plan and stuck to it.

George takes the time to answer questions and he actually cares about the therapy he provides.  He's honest, to the point and has a lot of follow through.  With George's positive approach and genuine empathy, he helped hasten the healing process.  I'm almost completely recovered now and have to say I miss my weekly appointments with him.  Not only is he a great physical therapist but he's an amazing human being with a huge heart and loving soul.  George Stamatopoulos is one of those heroes in a profession where heroes are few and far between!"

JN, Waltham, MA

"Dear George, I won't forget you, your abundant energy, your exuberant, warmth and compassionate nature.  Your attentiveness to your patients, the confidence and knowledge you exhibited about your work; your sharp perceptions and keen awareness of all things that were happening around you...

Thanks for your care, attention and your healing hands.  My recovery was expedited..."

CK, California (formerly Watertown)